Case Studies

You are a Dubai based person travelling in the United States. All of a sudden you have some chest pain and require medical attention. Your doctors would want to see your medical history, the state of your heart, your previous medical reports, etc. This is essential for them to understand your case and to diagnose your problem, making it easy for them to treat you. In such a case, all you would need to do is open your UAE HealthBook account and access all your data and share it with your health provider. You could also authorize a near relative to access your info by sharing your username and password with them. Alternatively, you could authorize us, UAE HealthBook, to access it for you.
The above two authorizations would need to be made at the time of opening your account. In an emergency, a person may not be able to access their account and so it's advisable to nominate someone to do it for you.
If you want a second opinion on a diagnosis, a UAE HealthBook account would make your life a lot easier. All you would need to do is give the doctor you are seeking out access to your medical records. And the doctor could easily apprise himself/herself of your case and give an appropriate diagnosis. The location of both yourself and the doctor is dismissible because exchange of reports or records on any media, be it paper, film, CDs is quick and simple.