Hospital / Physician - Benefits / Why?

Practice Management:

  • Helps with financial, business, and risk management.
  • Goal to increase efficiency in the office.
  • Works toward improving quality of patient care.
  • This gives an accurate tracking of the number of resolved and open cases.

Hospital Management System:

  • Patient Record management through records of medical services provided or rendered to the patient.
  • Patient movement tracking within the hospital/clinic both for in-patients and out-patients.
  • Interfaces with various electronic equipment in the hospital / clinic.
  • Manages all the hospital records collectively in a central database location and thereby the updates are consistent.

Physician Portal:

  • Easy communication with the related physicians and improves patient care coordination.
  • Eliminates need for faxing and improves productivity.
  • Patient data can be easily accessed by the referring doctors via UAE HealthBook.
  • Easy second-opinions and consultation
  • Decreases calls to nursing and medical records.

Patient Portal:

  • Easy virtual communication with the health care providers even during emergencies.
  • Facilitates easy viewing of lab results, requesting of prescription refills, making payments and requesting appointment schedules.
  • Consistency in medical record updates because of a single database repository in one place.
  • Various security mechanisms assure the security and integrity of the data.

Electronic Medical Records(EMR):

  • Provides the ability to track patient clinical data constantly and over time.
  • Enables tracking of patients activities by identifying patients who are due for a visit and thereby increases system efficiency.
  • Security and Privacy - protecting patient information from unauthorized access.
  • Accessibility - Health information is available when and where needed.
  • Ease of Uses - EMR is flexible for different provider’s work styles.
  • Comprehensive - Provides a comprehensive health portrait of the patient, including labs, radiology, and meds.
  • Easy communication with related physicians and improves patient care coordination.

Patient Notes:

  • Improved and easier way of communication between the patients and healthcare provider.
  • Includes a comprehensive set of information including your medical history, Physical examination results and diagnosis.
  • Keeping track of the patient records becomes easier with a single consolidated copy.
  • Decreases the transfer time due to electronic file interchange between the systems.
  • Electronic format of patient notes makes data updating and maintenance much easier than traditional methods.

Lab orders/results:

  • Health care provider can request a lab order with a click of a button.
  • System can interface with third party labs.
  • Lab results appear on the system electronically once available.
  • Patient appointments can be made immediately if necessary.
  • Reduce the transfer time of the lab request and response between the physician and lab systems.

Image orders/results:

  • The process is embedded with security and thereby the information is kept secure.
  • Health care provider can request a x-ray order with a click of a button.
  • System can interface with third party imaging centers.
  • Image results appear on the system once available.
  • Reduces the time of manual file transactions.


  • It eliminates need for handwritten or faxed notes and saves a huge amount of time.
  • Increases efficiency and the patient safety and convenience
  • Reduces time on phone calls with pharmacies during the times of placing orders for medicines.


  • Rapid and direct communication between physician and patient.
  • Eliminates the need for a face-to-face with a specialist.
  • Can include personalized pictures and videos of results.
  • Upload results to get second opinion.
  • Cost- effective and time - efficient.
  • Pre-screen potential for in-person visit.
  • Improved track of referrals.

ICD 10 /CPT codes:

  • Latest version is available in UAE HealthBook
  • Access to a medical classification list that records and identifies the health conditions.
  • Easily determine severity of illness and prove medical necessity.
  • Decreases need for supporting documentation with claims.

Account Receivable:

  • Manage receivables to a minimum.
  • Clear indication of money owed my customers.
  • Improves cash flow, reduces claims rejections and expedites payments for services.
  • Work on receivable on behalf of hospitals/clinics.

EDI Transaction:

  • Easy computer-to-computer exchange of business documents.
  • Send and receive information faster and in a standardize format.


UAE HealthBook Differentator

UAE HealthBook differentiates itself from the competition through its breadth of technology offerings at relatively lower costs.

Product is built with full-functionality, integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

UAE HealthBook solution is open, scalable, cloud (SaaS) platform offering complete digitalization of health records which includes E-prescription/Lab and patient/physician portal services.

Digitizing health records can either be done by the consumers directly using their log in or can be done by providing the hard copies to the BPO centers which would digitalise such records.

Integrated nationwide service capabilities provides entry into new markets.


Patient - Benefits / Why?

Benefits of having a account:

  • All your health records, reports, test results are stored in a single repository in one convenient place.
  • The process is embedded with various security features and thereby all the data is kept secure.
  • Patient data can be easily accessed by the referring doctors via UAE HealthBook through the physician portal.
  • Easily and quickly accessible to you or to your close ones in case of emergencies.
  • No worry of securing and storing the hard copies of all your prescriptions, test results like Lab reports, Scan images, X-Ray images, MRI images/videos, other medical reports, etc over the years
  • You can access your records easily - whenever and wherever you want including your smart phones even during travel where you cannot access your paper based health records.
  • Provides long term solution for preserving health records from loss or damage due to any other natural calamities like fire, flood, etc.
  • Healthcare providers will find it easy to correlate your problem and provide treatment since the medical history is available in a systematic fashion.
  • Helps you with medical insurance claims preparation either manually or electronically.
  • Nominal subscription fee considering the criticality of information available for your health and emergency needs.
  • E-consultation services provide improved patient care and timeliness of results.
  • Insurance/ Patient billing services provide consistent tracking of the services provided to the customers by the physicians for billing purposes.
  • Patient portal provides easy virtual communication with the health care providers even during emergencies.