Support : +971 52 849 2850

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Standard Telephone Technical Support UAE HealthBook provides Customer with problem reporting from 8:30 AM to 6 PM.

The UAE HealthBook Technical Support Center is staffed by highly qualified technical support specialists. Our support number is +971 52 849 2850.

The support engineers will provide level one and level two support to assist in diagnosing problems that cannot be resolved by our customer.

After Hours Support (7x24)

The UAE HealthBook Support Plan provides 7 x 24 support for Severity One issues that cannot wait until the next business day. A Severity One condition can be defined as the failure or malfunction of the UAE HealthBook product that prevents the customer from conducting business in a normal manner. To access UAE HealthBook Technical Support after normal business hours an analyst will be paged after a detailed message is left on the main support phone number. Complete descriptions of the severity levels are listed below the support phone number. Complete descriptions of the severity levels are listed below.

Web and Email Support

Additional support can be obtained through the UAE HealthBook Support web site at: “http/” or via email. The email address for support for products is . E-mail will be responded to within 24 hours. The support area of the web site contains “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) for UAE HealthBook.

Maintenance Updates

Periodic maintenance releases will include fixes and may include feature updates. Customer will be informed of maintenance updates via email and web posting of Support Bulletins and Technical Advisories.

Problem Severity Definitions


Product malfunction or failure significantly impacting production network. UAE HealthBook will respond to critical problems within 60 minutes of discovery.


Product malfunction or failure impacts business operation. Workaround available.

UAE HealthBook will respond to medium problems within 4 hours of discovery.


Product malfunction or failure does not significantly impact customer.

UAE HealthBook will respond to Low priority problems within 48 hours of discovery.

Feature Request:

An enhancement to UAE HealthBook requested by our customer.

UAE HealthBook will schedule product updates after consultation with our customers.

Customer Satisfaction Program

Each time an incident is closed, an email survey is sent requesting feedback on the service incident. This survey requests an evaluation of critical elements of service, asks what service elements are most important and asks what can be done better next time. The survey also provides an opportunity to escalate to management.

Customer Support Obligations

Customer must:

Maintain the Software on a standard platform in normal, unmodified operating conditions as determined by UAE HealthBook’s specified revision level.

Provide UAE HealthBook support personnel with the caller’s name, company affiliation, telephone number, description of the problem, and any additional information requested by UAE HealthBook.

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