Scheduling Services: We provide a level of isolation between the patients ability to schedule an appointment and the available slots of the doctors if you want to. This way there is less information revealed whilst the process is done in a better and more efficient way.

The billing services: We provide a 256-bit encryption standard which is used to ensure the security of the data that is stored for the billing process and the revenue cycle management process. The process takes place on the web but our security standards ensure the imminence of your data stored.

EMR: Your medical records reside on a secure cloud environment and any kind of access to it requires a username and password that will be given to you. This does not make your updating or uploading process of the medical records any difficult.To ensure that this level of security does not hinder during the times of emergencies, we let you assign emergency contacts to the account so that they can access it during critical times and thereby prevent any unauthorised access or use.

Transcription Services: The transcription services come with security and efficiency while it is easy to use. The transcription notes can be signed electronically by the doctor to provide their authenticity. This prevents any misuse of the notes and serves reliable because of the signature.A secure and legally binding way to authenticate files! This is also HIPAA compliant.